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Should I Choose A Planetary Mixer or Spiral Mixer?


Should I Choose A Planetary Mixer or Spiral Mixer?

As a novice baker, you always don't know how to choose a planetary mixer or spiral mixer. What's the difference between them? What products do they make and which types are best for the operation?

Let us talk about their difference:

Planetary mixers, with the hook, beat and ball. It always ratates around the bowl, but the bowl does not rotate, like a planet in orbit, only single motor.Commercial food planetary mixer are used to mix egg liquid, cream, butter, etc. even to mix the cookie dough or pizza dough,but not the best choice. Because there's only one motor, it's hard to mix a lot of flour. It is the best choice for small cake shops and households. For commercial bakeries or bakeries, we also have different capacities to choose.

Spiral mixers are more powerful , powerful spiral mixer equipment 's bowl and mixing hook rotate when it work. Spiral mixers are the best choice for all kinds of bread, bagel, pasta, and pizza dough. Usually, the small capacity mixers with one motor, the big capacity mixers with two motors, all at least two speeds. You need to choose the right volume of dough mixer according to your needs,it will be more faster and efficient to make the dough. At the same time, it also means that it can not meet the requirements of mixing egg liquid or cream.

 Powerful Spiral Mixer Equipment

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