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Hongling Products workshop

May 19, 2020

Due to the current international and China are affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, the market activity in the first and second quarter of this year decreased significantly, baking equipment industry sales also hit hard.

But we think:“It is the best of times,it is the worst of times” —Hope and challenge coexist.

Today, the Sale Department held a seminar with the Engineering Department and the Technology Department. The engineers explained the products structure and performances in a deeper level. The salesmen also gave feedback on some special situations in the past after-sales process and summarized their experience. At the same time, engineers summed up the common fault causes and solutions of some products. In addition, the structure and defects of various products are analyzed and discussed, and will be adjusted in the next production to make the products more perfect to meet the market demands.

Thank you for the trust and support from our customers during the past cooperation, as well as the higher requirements for our products. We will also actively improve the quality of our products in this settling time and look forward to wonderful future cooperation with you!

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