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Gas Normal Oven Comparison in Different Brands


1 Deck 2 Tray Gas Normal Oven Comparison

Between Hongling Brand To Other Brands In China



**Star **Phon **Ger Hongling Note
Machine Net Weight KG) 96.7 KG 93.5 KG 99 KG 108 KG Net weight of the oven. Data ensure accuracy
Machine Size 1330*890*650 1330*890*650 1340*890*680 1330*820*660
Chamber Size (mm) 780*670*200 860*660*190 895*670*210 780*670*180+20
Front S.S Thickness 0.6t 0.6t 0.6t 0.8t
Side Cover Thickness 0.6t 0.6t 0.6t 0.8t
Chamber Bottom Plate Thickness ( mm ) 1.85t 1.3t 1.3t 1.85t For the chamber bottom plate, the thicker the better for baking color.
Chamber Bottom Plate Material Alu-steel Iron Iron Iron Iron has better thermal conductivity, stainless steel will be deformed in a high temperature
Gas Burner Material S.S.# 430 Iron Iron S.S. #430 Grade A

Stainless steel burner makes sure the burner have more longlife service,  not easy to get rust and block the fire hole

( Grade A means original from the mineral, Grade B means the iron is recycled,  20% different in cost)

Gas Burner Warranty Unknown Unknown Unknown 6 Years
Chamber Material Alu-steel Galvanized Galvanized Alu-steel

Alu-steel is better for heat radiation in chamber, make the baking effect more uniform.  20% different in cost.

Galvanized sheet like blue color sheet, you can't see metal color on it.  Alu-steel like the sliver color.

Chamber Side Thickness(mm) Back/Top/Front  0.6t Left/Right  0.8t 0.6t 0.6t 0.6t
Main Gas Pipe Material Galvanized Pipe Full aluminum Full aluminum Full aluminum Aluminum is stable in the high temperature and humidity environment.
Small Gas Pipe (Materiel) Cu Cu Cu Cu
Gas Pipe Connected With Glue × × × Connected with glue ensure no gas leakage happened.
Fan And Burner Connected With Rubber × × × Connected with rubber ensure no gas leakage happened.
Baking Net × × With baking net, the baking color is more uniform
Regulator ×
Fireproof Up/Down Adjustable × × × It can adjust the oven baking color, when the right side color and left side color is different
Fireproof In/Out Adjustable It can adjust the oven baking color, when the in and out side color is different
Fire Inspect Hole × × √ (1 hole) √ (2 holes) The technician is easy to inspect the fire when adjusting it

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